The primary source of funds, other than those already committed by Avon Navigation Trust, will be from Wychavon District Council’s Community Legacy Grant via a process managed by Evesham Town Council.

The town council is responsible for selecting projects for possible New Homes Bonus funding and carrying out a public consultation to gauge levels of support. Where a project is approved by the town council for a grant application, the town council makes the application and manages the process until the grant delivery is complete.

The Community Legacy Grant is funded from New Homes Bonus payments that the district council receives from the government. The scheme  is a £3 million fund for innovative, ambitious, viable capital projects that meet local needs and that will create a significant community legacy.  The scheme can also provide start-up funding for smaller, innovative schemes that address local need.

You can read more about the Community Legacy Grant at Wychavon’s website:

The Lock Island Project has already passed the first stage of the application process for 2021, and we are now in the process of putting together a full application which will be presented to Wychavon in March.

As part of the application, we are required to carry out a series of public consultations in order to measure public support for the project.

This website is a part of that process, so if you do support the concept of the project then it is really important that you fill in the survey.

We will also be publicising the project via the local media, and there will be an opportunity for people to submit comments by post if they are unable to access the website.

Due to Covid restrictions, it’s unlikely that we will be able to hold a public meeting or carry out face-to-face consultations as we have for previous NHB projects. So we would very much appreciate it if you could help us get the word out by telling your friends and family about the project and about this website.